Walking after a meal will keep diseases at bay: Know how many steps you should take

Eating right is key to keeping yourself fit and healthy, and your diet plays a pivotal role here. But that’s not it! Your health also depends on what you do after eating your meals. According to Ayurveda, you should walk after eating your meals, and 100 steps should be enough. This is called ‘Shatapavali’ – an Ayurvedic concept, you have to at least take 100 steps after every meal to reap its benefits.

Experts explain Shatpavali as a Marathi word, which means a hundred steps (shat-sau, pavali-kadam). This habit has been practised for decades and proved to be effective in improving one’s health.

Health benefits of walking after meals

Here are all the health benefits of walking after meals:

1. Good for digestion

Have you been facing digestive problems? If yes, try walking at least 100 steps after eating. Walking after eating meals also helps you develop good digestive habits in the body. Try brisk walking as it is one of the most beneficial ways to keep your body fit and improve your digestion process.

walking for digestion
Walking after meals is good for digestion. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

2. Manages diabetes

Walking 100 steps after eating also helps keep your blood sugar levels. A study published in the journal Sports Medicine found that taking a short walk after each meal can help manage blood sugar levels. Try taking a short walk after any meal to keep diseases like type 2 diabetes at bay.

3. Manages triglyceride levels

High triglyceride levels can increase a number of conditions including obesity and metabolic syndrome, elevating the risk of heart disease and stroke. A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that breaking prolonged sitting reduces triglyceride levels.

4. Helps burn calories

Burning calories is the best way to lose weight. If you don’t get enough exercise every day but want to lose weight, try taking a stroll after a meal. You should brisk walk every day for at least 30 minutes to burn the extra calories. Brisk walking is the best way. So, the quicker you walk, the more calories you burn.

walking and weight loss
Walking after meals can help you lose weight. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Other healthy habits to follow after eating meals

Not just walking 100 steps, Ayurveda also encourages you to follow other healthy habits after eating meals.

1. Avoid drinking water immediately after eating a meal as it slows down digestion. It can also lead to obesity. Drink water in between meals if you feel thirsty.
2. Don’t sleep right after eating meals as it increases body fat and slows down your metabolism. Plus, the food does not get digested properly.
3. Walking long distances immediately after having a meal is also not healthy for you and increases digestive problems.
4. You should also avoid swimming, traveling, and exercising after meals to keep your digestive health in check.
5. While brisk walking is good for you, do not walk too fast immediately right after eating. You should start with a slow pace and pick up the pace.

So, don’t sit after eating! Make sure you walk at least 100 steps after a meal to avoid health complications.

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