6 tips to stay calm in stressful situations

Have you ever felt yourself losing your calm when you end up disagreeing with your parents, partner or boss? These situations can induce significant stress, making you uneasy, nervous and even briefly experiencing feelings of depression. However, maintaining composure during such moments can prevent the side effects of stress. So, what are the strategies you can follow to stay cool and collected during challenging times?

Why is it important to remain calm in stressful moments?

According to the Journal of Psychiatry and Mental Health, losing your temper can do more harm than good. It can hinder your progress and cause you to lose sight of your goals. Additionally, it can disrupt the balance of the cortisol hormone, which plays a vital role in the body’s stress response. Maintaining a healthy cortisol balance is essential for overall well-being. Staying calm, on the other hand, promotes clear thinking and effective problem-solving.

How to stay calm?

Here are 7 tips that can help you stay calm in stressful situations:

1. Control your breathing

Breathing exercises are one of the best ways to get rid of anxiety and stress. When you are in a stressful situation, breathe in a way that helps you calm yourself and gain control over yourself. Try taking deep breaths. Hold your breath for 5 seconds, and then release. Repeat this several times. This will bring peace and comfort.

breathing exercise
Practise breathing techniques to feel calm and composed. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Be practical

Losing your temper or patience never solves the problem. This usually makes things worse. Control your emotions and be practical. Never express your views in a loud voice. The person who speaks louder loses. Express your views with force. Talk slowly, quietly and evenly. Speaking this way is more concrete and practical.

3. Think about your opinion

Instead of losing patience, ask yourself how bad it really is. Instead of getting angry, focus your energy on what can be done to improve the situation. If there is confusion in the mind, good decisions cannot be made. Therefore, instead of being hasty, think over your words.

4. Spend some time in nature

Nature acts as a balm when you are angry or feeling low. Leave the scene and head out to a garden or park. Nature can have a calming effect. As soon as you experience the freshness of the outdoors, you may feel an improvement in your condition. This helps you concentrate.

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5. Focus on your body

Bring your palms together. Rest your thumbs on your chest. Focus on relaxing one part of your body with each exhale. Start with your forehead. Also, pay attention to your cheeks, jawline, neck, shoulders, etc.

Live a stress-free life with these tips! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

6. Be honest

If you feel like you are about to lose your temper, tell the other person that you need time to get a handle on the situation before discussing the issue at hand. Don’t just consider yourself right. Don’t let that kind of feeling take over. Try to understand the other side as well. Respond to stress in a way that you can be proud of later, rather than embarrassed by.

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7. Take a break

If you’re experiencing frequent episodes of stress and anxiety, you should consider taking a break. Taking a break can help you relax your mind and feel fresh. It can be a 15-minute break from work or a long vacation. This will help reduce stress and make you feel happy.

Abide by these tips, and you’ll find a way to control your anger and stress!

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