Yoga to increase stamina: 10 effective asanas you can try

You might be a fitness enthusiast or someone who doesn’t give staying in shape or physical activities much importance. In fact, you might feel shortness of breath while walking from your house to a nearby shopping complex or taking the stairs. That’s exactly why you need to work on your stamina, and yoga can help you with it. When we think of yoga, stretching and flexibility come to the mind. But yoga can boost your stamina and endurance as well.

Yoga poses to increase stamina

Yoga can help to enhance functioning of your systems and organs, regularise your hormones, reduce stress and improve your focus apart from increasing stamina, says Dr Mickey Mehta, a global leading holistic health guru and corporate life coach.

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Do yoga to increase stamina. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Here are some asanas:

1. Tadasana

• Stand straight with legs and shoulder width apart.
• Go up on your toe and stretch your hands up. Hold this pose for a minute if possible then slowly come back.

2. Virabhadrasana

• Start with your feet wide apart and arms extended to the sides.
• Turn your right foot about 90 degrees and bend your right knee.
• Keep your left leg straight as you look over your right hand. Hold it for 30 seconds to one minute and switch sides.

3. Adho mukha svanasana

• Sit in vajrasana pose while keeping your hands right in front of you.
• Raise your buttocks and move your head down until your heels touch the ground. The expert says not to shift the position of your hands and feet. Hold this pose for some time and then come back.

4. Bhujangasana

• To do bhujangasana, lie down on your stomach.
• Keep your hands folded at your elbow next to your chest.
• Raise your torso and come down.

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Bhujangasana can help to improve stamina. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Dhanurasana

• Lie down on your stomach and fold your legs from your knee and hold your ankles.
• Raise your head and chest upwards.
• Pull your legs outwards and backwards so that your spine is arched back like a bow. Stabilize on the abdomen then slowly come back.

6. Utkatasana

• To do utkatasana, stand straight with your legs together.
• Raise your hands up, bend your knees and squat down then slowly come up.

7. Naukasana

• Lie down on your back, stretch your hands back.
• Raise your hands and legs up.
• Stretch your arm forward, focus towards your toes then come down in the original position.

8. Ustrasana

• Start in vajrasana, come up in a kneel down position with your toes inwards. • Slowly touch your heels with your hands.
• Bring your hips forward and lean your upper body in the backward direction.
• Bend your head and spine as backward as possible.
• Slowly come down in balasana position, which is also called child’s pose.

9. Chakrasana

• Lie down on your back and fold your legs with your knee facing upwards.
• Keep your palms on either side of your face.
• Raise your body up while balancing on your hands and feet.

10. Halasana

• Lie down flat on your back and keep your legs close together with your chin tucked in.
• Lift your legs upwards till your feet point directly up perpendicular to your torso.
• Tuck your hands underneath yourself and keep your palms facing upwards.
• With your hands placed under your buttocks, gear up to raise your torso.
• Slowly lift your torso till you find yourself resting on your shoulders.
• Bend your arms at the elbow and bring your hands to your back to support yourself.
• Dr Mehta says try to keep your legs over your head and slightly straighten your back.
• Keep your knees firm and maintain the posture. You are now in the sarvangasana posture.
• Slowly, lower your legs forward so that your feet can touch the floor over your head.
• Now, bring your arms down flat on the floor and maintain this posture for about 30 seconds.

Enjoy doing these asanas while also increasing stamina.

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