Protein bars make a good post-workout snack! Try these to boost energy and weight loss

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In the quest to keep up pace in the rat race, people are constantly on the lookout for quick and healthy solutions instead of time-consuming elaborate meals. On-the-go snacks that satiate hunger and taste buds are the preferred way to eat. Protein bars have emerged as a convenient and delicious option for those looking to shed those extra pounds while keeping their energy levels up.

What are protein bars?

Protein bars are convenient snacks that are packed with essential proteins, vitamins and minerals. These bars provide a quick and easy way to increase your protein intake, helping to repair and build muscles, boost metabolism and maintain overall wellness.

What are the health benefits of protein bars?

Many people may find themselves asking, ‘Are protein bars good for health?’ Here, we tell you the benefits of protein bars, while cautioning against excess consumption.

* Protein bars help you satisfy hunger and control cravings
* They support weight loss by promoting a feeling of fullness.
* They are convenient and portable for on-the-go snacking.
* Provide a balanced blend of nutrients
* Aid in muscle recovery and growth.

Is protein bar good for weight loss?

Yes, protein bars can be a valuable addition to your weight loss journey. They help control hunger, reduce calorie intake and maintain muscle mass, all of which are essential for effective weight management.

Best protein bars in India

With so many protein bar brands in the market, how do you choose the best protein bar for weight loss? We have tried to help you a little by shortlisting the top 5 protein bars. You can also buy them online.

1. Yogabar Variety Pack 10g Protein Bars

These protein bars are a tasty blend of vitamins, immunity-boosting ingredients and, most importantly, 10 grams of protein. It has date, whey protein, cashew butter and more to give you an energy boost. Indulge in your sweet cravings guilt-free with multiple flavours such as mocha brownie, blueberry and dark chocolate chip, before or after a workout.

2. RiteBite Max Protein Daily Assorted 10g Protein Bars

With an assortment of flavours, these energy bars are a delightful treat packed with 10 grams of protein per serving. Its mix of whey protein, soy and casein, are aimed at giving the consumer sustained energy every day. Whether you have it for breakfast, a midday snack or to fulfil a midnight craving, this can fit in your bag conveniently and give you the nutrition you deserve.

3. MuscleBlaze 10 g Protein Bar, Choco Almond

This one’s for chocolate lovers! It packs a punch with protein elements and a crunch with real almonds. These bars combine the goodness of almonds with the richness of chocolate while delivering 10 grams of protein. These gluten-free bars combine the goodness of protein and fiber for your overall fitness goals.

4. The Whole Truth – Protein Bar Minis

If you’re looking for bite-sized protein goodness, look no further. These minis offer a wholesome snack with all-natural ingredients. The brand claims these little bars of protein have no added sugar, artificial sweeters or preservatives. What’s more? They come in a variety of flavours such as coffee cocoa, peanut butter, cranberry and coconut cocoa among others

5. Wingreens Harvest Nuts & Seeds Energy Bars

Want an energy rush and a satiated stomach in the morning? Try these nuts and seeds bars which are packed with almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds. The energy levels these give you will keep you on your toes for a crazy day at work. Besides, it will keep you from reaching out for unhealthy hunger pangs. The sweet and salt mix will leave your taste buds tantalised.

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A word of caution

Whether you’re on the move or need a quick snack between meals, these protein bars have got your back. Still, protein bars cannot replace the benefits of natural protein foods in your diet. In fact, for healthy weight loss, consuming a balanced diet including all nutrients, is non-negotiable.

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