Terry Hollands weight loss, Diet Plan, Workout, Age (Explained)

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Strongman Terry Hollands weight loss is a story of hard work and determination. Terry has lost 12.5 stones in 7 months with a tough exercise routine that he stuck to every day, and improved his diet with lots of healthy foods.

Terry talks about how he found the motivation to lose weight after seeing pictures of himself on holiday that made him feel ashamed because he was so overweight!

Strongman Terry Hollands has transformed his body in epic fashion and may take it out for a foray into the sports of bodybuilding.

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Who is Terry Hollands

Terry Hollands is one of the most successful and well-known strongmen in Britain. He was a competitor at both World’s Strongest Man and Europe’s, winning them both times!

When he was 22, the athlete decided to take up training in order to play rugby. This passion led him into heavy exercises and a more focused lifestyle. It has been key to success on and off of the field!

Terry Hollands was once again hard at work after getting an infection. After getting a leg infection in 2004, Terry Hollands returned to the gym and focused on strongman practice.

His training agenda is quite defined:

“ferociously unforgiving.”

He has betrothed privileges of visualization methods claiming you can’t get by without it!

Terry Hollands weight loss

How did terry hollands lose weight

One of the most celebrated strongmen, Terry Hollands. He has shown his chiseled body on social media and gained a lot of positive responses from around the world.

But how did Terry Hollands lose weight?

He has worked his body to the limit, and it’s paid off. He shared on social media that he “kept pushing” himself in order for this new level of fitness.

Clearly visible from all those posts where you can see him working out hard!

He revealed in one of his latest posts how much weight he currently weighs – 340 lbs with 6’6 height!

His chiseled body can be seen from any angle and is enough to make even the most confident man feel intimidate.

Terry’s impressive arms are the result of many hours in a gym, and it shows.

He has betrothed privileges of visualization methods claiming you can’t get by without it! Terry says that behind all those muscles is motivation- something he found long ago when playing rugby for his team.

He is proud that it took him so long to get here, and he’s been sharing with everyone the secret behind his perfect body.

He says you can live a happier life if your physical appearance matches up too – which we all know makes for more confidence!

Terry Hollands Workout Routine

Terry is proof that you can get skinny without sacrificing health. He lost more than 100 pounds, and his blood work has never looked better!

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“Competing at WSM means I have to get medicals done, and it’s better now than in all my years of doing strongman.

The competitive atmosphere has really helped me find a new passion: health! “

Competition brings out the best version of myself that is able not only to push harder without feeling so rough but also enjoy training with lower bodyfat.

Because there isn’t as much strain on parts which could lead people down unhealthy paths!

Terry Hollands has showed us all that dieting isn’t the only way to lose weight and get fit, you can still have cheat days while sticking to a healthy routine.

When he’s deadlifting, the pattern is not too stringent. He listens to his body for how much pressure it can handle and when that limits are reached – which they always do-but only then does he change things up!

To give his body the best chance of success, he focuses on how it feels and moves in various workout routines.

For him there’s no such thing as too many reps or sets – if something feels right then he’ll go ahead with that particular exercise prescription for that day/weekend!

Jamie has always been the type of person who is willing to give others a chance.

When he was younger, this mindset helped him get around people and make friends quickly while also giving himself an opportunity for success in life.

But as time went on it became more important than ever before- because now there’s no turning back!

If you’re reading these words then chances are good that your motivation levels need some boosts too – maybe even better reasons than what we had at their inception (like seeing yourself grow).

He also advises his fans (as he does this himself) not to overfill themselves with solids or liquids during the workout. He says, “I tend to avoid drinking water when training as it makes me feel full and uncomfortable in general.”

Some people have asked him if following a 5×5 routine should the percentage increase of weight always stay constant each week?

Or is it essentially up to you as an individual whether or not your body needs more calories and protein on certain days.

He comments, “I would personally gauge it.”

Terry Hollands Workout Tips

Terry Hollands, a former UK’s strongest man and renowned bodybuilder describes the best way to get stronger without neglecting your other muscles.

He shares his secrets for getting leaner in addition with building up those glutes of yours or making sure you’re always prepared when it comes time to lift heavy weights!

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In this BodyPower Expo show, Terry reveals how one can easily incorporate strength training into their hectic agenda by utilizing some amazing workout tips that help him stay on top form as he works out himself.

All while achieving optimal results from both types of carbohydrate diets which are tailored towards these goals specifically.

He also gives some great advice for how to get the most out of your workouts and what exercises you should be adding into your fitness routine!

Terry Hollands Diet Plan

The diet plan of Terry Hollands, which he followed during a training day to achieve his goal and become the world’s strongest man.

The 10K calories are required for this rigorous eating plan with no food allowed after 8pm or on weekends if you’re looking at getting in shape by next week!


One morning, Terry Hollands ate an English breakfast that is 2122 calories. After finishing the first part of his day’s menu (which consists largely of deep-fried sausages and fried bread)

Hee went back to snooze for about 1 hour before beginning lunch at 12 pm – usually consisting primarily of black pudding or plum tomatoes along with two eggs cooked just how he liked them; it will set you back another 1500+ cal intake!

Morning snack: He ate a 750-calorie snack consisting of 50 grams cashew nuts and 1 liter Cranberry juice before he met with the physiotherapist. He also managed to drink about 1.5 liters mineral water, which is what led him down this path in the first place!

Lunch: For a meal like the one weighed in at 300 grams of ribeye steak, more than 1 pound of pasta and vegetables covered with mayonnaise? Not including any carbs from veggies or dessert chocolate cheesecake would mean that you’re still eating over 2 pounds.

The amount of calories in this meal is 4,400. Terry Holland mentions that after eating at such a lofty position became more problematic than anything else for him- he would require an extra nap if you can understand the situation!

Evening snack: Terry Hollands would hit the protein bar after a workout, and then he’d drink 1.5 liters of water in order to speed up his muscle recovery throughout the night before opening Day 2 at work with an extra boost from one more scoop!

Dinner: This is one meal that would leave anyone feeling full. A pound of pasta mixed with 1/2 pound meat provides a hearty appetite suppressant, while also providing 4 servings worth 400 calories each!

Add on top his finishing off the rest from today’s dinner–spaghetti & garlic bread combo plus half an entire cheesecake (1kg) for good measure? That brings your total intake over 6500 kcals… But don’t worry: It’ll last you until tomorrow morning at least 😉

Terry Hollands Weight Loss (What to Eat)

  • Eggs
  • Oatmeal
  • Fruit
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Beans
  • Full-fat milk
  • Bread
  • Green Tea
  • Coconut Oil
  • Bananas
  • Full-fat Greek yogurt
  • Pasta
  • Chicken
  • Steak
  • Vegetables etc.
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Terry Hollands Weight Loss (Things to avoid)

  • Junk Food
  • Alcohol (while training)
  • Coffee
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Chemical Additives
  • Fast Food etc.

Terry Hollands Weight Loss FAQs

Q: Is Terry Hollands’ weight loss story real?

A: Terry Holland’s weight loss story is 100% authentic. Terry has appeared on numerous television shows throughout the world to discuss his lifestyle change, including Good Morning Britain.

Q: How much did Terry Hollands weigh?

A: Terry weighed in at an astonishing 17 stones (238 pounds) before beginning this journey of change. Now that Terry weighs around 11 stone (154 pounds), Terry’s weight loss has been nothing short of astounding. Terry Hollands successfully lost 12.57 stone (172 pounds) in just seven months!

Q: What did Terry Hollands eat while losing weight?

A: Terry Hollands followed a very specific diet while losing weight. Terry’s diet consisted of healthy, high-protein foods such as eggs, bacon, sausage, and chicken. Terry also ate plenty of vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, and yogurt. Terry avoided junk food and alcohol while training for World’s Strongest Man 2016.

Q: How much weight did Terry Hollands lose in a day?

A: Terry Holland’s weight loss averaged at just over two pounds per day. This is an astonishing level of weight loss that can be only achieved through hard work, determination, and adherence to a strict diet plan. Terry Hollands’ transformation is an amazing example for anyone looking to make similar changes to their own lifestyle.

Q: What is Terry Hollands’ current weight?

A: Terry Hollands currently weighs 154 pounds, which is down from his original starting weight of 238 pounds. Terry’s weight loss journey has been an amazing accomplishment and he continues to be a role model for those looking to make similar changes to their lifestyle. Terry Hollands is a true inspiration!

On a final note:

Terry Hollands’ personal transformation from fat to fit is an inspiration to all of us who are struggling with our own weight loss goals.

Terry’s story is one of hard work and determination, and proves that anything is possible if you put your mind to it! Keep up the good work Terry- we’re all rooting for you!

In order to achieve Terry Hollands’ level of fitness, you must be willing to follow his diet plan that he used for World’s Strongest Man.

Thanks for reading Terry Hollands’ weight loss story!

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