Sean Rigby weight loss Journey, Endeavour’s Jim Strange Star

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Dramatics Sean Rigby weight loss journey. You’ve heard it before – you need to lose weight. It’s not just about your health, but your outlook on life, too. If you’re tired of feeling sluggish and low-energy all the time, then this blog post is for you!

Sean Rigby was in the same boat as many other adults who needed to lose weight. When he found out that his doctor told him he had high cholesterol levels due to being overweight.

He decided that enough was enough and started a diet plan with healthy recipes so he could get back into shape again! Follow Sean Rigby’s story by reading our blog post today!

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Who is Sean Rigby

Sean Rigby is a British actor best known for his role as Police Constable, later Police Sergeant and Detective Sergeant Jim Strange in Endeavour. He’s been with the show since its inception back in 2012!

DS Endeavour Morse was on hand to help Jim Strange with his latest investigation after a cab driver was found dead in his taxi, owing to an extremely large debt.

DS Strange was also helping out with interviews of suspects. She got a call from Morse and his colleague DI Fred Thursday (Roger Allam), who were at the front of this investigation, while she helped interview some people for them in an attempt to identify their killer before it’s too late!

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Endeavor actor sean rigby weight loss

When he was overweight and suffering from several health issues, Mr. Rigby found a way to lose 87 lbs., gain energy, feel better than he has in years–and be healthier overall!

The second week in a row, viewers were left taken aback by DS Strange’s transformation as they noted the actor Sean had lost weight. They said that he looked gaunt and frail – far from how we remember him on screen!

In the latest series of Endeavour, actor Sean Rigby looked noticeably slimmer. Those at home who noticed took to Twitter in order to comment on his weight loss with Bart Hobson posting: “Catching up with my favorite program #Endeavour . My goodness, Jim Strange (Sean) has lost a lot of weight! I actually thought they had changed actors.”

Sean Rigby before and after weight loss

“Just catching up with the first episode of series 8 and my word, Jim Strange is a shadow than his former self! With all that weight he’s lost you’d never know it by looking at him now,” said one fan.

“I didn’t recognize Sean Rigby as him strange; I thought they would have aged well but wow – half the man still left?” comments another viewer who also enjoyed seeing Endeavour back on screen directed once more by Shaun Evans.”

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Shaun also revealed that there is a potential new character in the mix for DI Thursday. The actor hints at someone good, nice, and reliable with whom she can educate somewhat about masons’ moral standing – like how they’re not all bad after all!

How much weight Sean Rigby weight loss

He went from being overweight to losing almost 87 lbs in a short amount of time.

Having seen great results with his weight loss program, Mr. Rigby decided to become an active member in health and wellness coaching services for both physical improvements as well as emotional growth: transforming lives financially too!

Revolutionary New Weight Loss Method by which You Can Finally Lose Weight and Make it Stay Away Forever.

On a final note:

If you have been struggling with maintaining a healthy weight, don’t worry. You are not alone in your struggle.

Sean Rigby weight loss is one of the most prevalent health complaints these days and it seems to be getting worse as time goes on because there’s so much pressure from society to look a certain way or do things that we know aren’t good for us just because they’re “trendy.”

We can help you get started by walking through our best weight loss guides for success!

What was your favorite health and fitness moment of the year? Let us know in the comments below!

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