Lynette Romero Weight Loss, KTLA News Anchor Journey (Latest)

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For Lynette Romero, weight loss has been a long and hard journey. She has tried all sorts of diets and workout programs, but nothing has worked for her.

In this blog post, she will share her story and her tips for losing weight effectively. If you are struggling with your weight, then you should definitely read this post.

Lynette offers hope and advice that can help anyone achieve their weight loss goals. Thanks for reading!

Lynette Romero, a popular news reporter for KTLA TV channel 5 in Los Angeles California US has lost an impressive amount of weight.

She started intermittent fasting and within six months she gained 18 pounds or 8kg which is 40lbs less than when we last saw her!

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How KTLA News Anchor Lynette Romero Lose Weight !

Lynette Romero lost over 40 pounds in six months, but after she completed her weight loss journey at the end of June 2019. She shed around 70 kg or 31/2 stones – a whopping 97%.

The motivation for starting this challenge was because Lynette went to see a doctor who told tales about some health issues.

He wanted his patient’s diet and exercise more severely limited so they would be healthy again.

After only 8lbs dropped off between April and May 2020 when I saw him last time (our latest update). Lymney started losing 2 pounds per week on average until finally reaching the desired weight.

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When she started, the dietician said that it would only take a month for weight loss. However, after just 5 weeks of following these guidelines and sticking with an exercise routine in addition to them, this woman had dropped 20 pounds!

Lynette Romero Sickness.

Lynette Romero has been putting off seeing the doctor for three years. She’s missed several appointments and when she visited in April 2019.

It was a wake-up call to what could have been prevented if only Lynette had paid more attention while working on her health!

Now we know how much weight Lynette lost but why did this happen?

Did someone recommend dieting as prevention against sickness or is there something else going amiss here–an unending pressure at work perhaps?

Well friends nothing can be further from the truth than these assumptions because according to Lynette.

Lynette romero weight loss Methods

Lynette dropped 8 pounds in-between visits to the doctor and she was so excited about it.

When asked if there were any other symptoms or concerns, Lynnette said that her health had improved greatly since starting intermittent fasting last month!

Intermittent Fasting Method

The Intermittent Fasting method is a type of eating pattern that cycles between periods where you fast and others where it’s allowed to eat.

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The first step in this process means skipping breakfast, but there are many more things than just when our bodies should be able to take nutrients from food for an extended period without consuming any calories or sugar.

The next thing Lynette did was modify her schedules so she could work smarter as well as go outside on lunch breaks instead of sitting inside during them all day long…

Side Effects on Intermittent Fasting

Not only does our body break down muscle during autophagy, but it also breaks down fat. This can be a problem because we often store excess fats in places like around your organs and stomach!

Lynette romero weight loss Tips

Lynette tells you how to get slim without taking pills or spending a fortune on dieting.

She says the best thing anyone can do is drink lots of water, stay hydrated by eating less during feeding hours and exercising more frequently!

Lynette also suggests increasing your fasting window so it will help with cravings while decreasing food intake at other times.

Finally, write down what everyone has been eating since nobody likes being hungry again than necessary 😉

Lynette Romero’s Video about Weight Loss

When David Angulo’s wife, Lynette Romero was asked to talk about her weight loss on KTLA News Station she refused.

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However, after being encouraged by Dr Myles Spar from Intermittent FastingItaly for an interview and showing off how successful it has been in helping him drop 50 lbs over 5 months.

They agreed this would be something worth sharing with everyone else who may need help getting rid of those extra pounds.

On a final note:

She is addicted to fitness but does not enjoy one of the most popular vegetables.

All of the weight that Lynette has lost over time is just because she made a commitment to herself. The diet and exercise plan didn’t work, but her determination did!

She’s now living out her best life with no more feeling insecure about what people think.

You don’t have to do it alone either; take this opportunity to make your own fitness goals for 2022 so you can achieve all of your dreams in 2023!

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