John Part weight loss, How Retired Darts Player lose pounds (Latest)

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John Part weight loss is trending on the market. So, I am going to discuss John Part’s weight loss, How the Retired Darts Player loses pounds. There are so many people which are using different methods for their weight loss.

How did John Part lose pounds?

If you are following my blog for the last 2 months you can find I mostly focus on the latest trending person weight loss journey. It is for motivating many people like you who are interested in weight loss.

Over the years he overcomes his fat belly fat and after a long year of hard work, he achieved his goal of weight loss. But how? How much weight did he really lose? What are the struggles he had to face during his weight loss journey?

To know more go through the article completely. Lastly, I mention some tips which you can use for your weight loss journey.

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Who is John Part?

The person who can do different work and is talented in different fields. John Part is a Canadian player which is known as a professional darts player and achieved many medals during his work.

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His has a nickname was Darth Maple. He is also worked as a commentator. In 1994 he first won BDO World Darts Championship. Another 2 times he owns championship in the year of 2003,2008.

He was born is Born in Toronto, Ontario. He is one of the excellent darts players of North America. In 1993 he was Canada’s highest-ranked player by the British Darts Organisation.

John Part weight loss Journey

Throughout his career, John Barnes has been candid about his weight loss. After retiring from soccer in 1999, he moved from being in excellent shape as a teenager to gaining weight. 

But, after collaborating with manager Harry Redknapp for Harry’s Heroes: The Full English, the 55-year old has left his junk-eating days behind him. 

The duo took on 12 footballing legends from the 1990s in an ITV show that aired in March, with the goal of restoring them to their peak. Despite his role as Harry’s personal trainer on the fitness show, John took advantage of the opportunity to slim down.

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How did John Part lose weight

Players were put through a new training and diet regimen, similar to that of professional Darts Player today, by Harry Redknapp.

After the success of the show, which was taped last year, he claimed that the majority of the participants were able to “get in shape.”

“You look at the guys over there [who are involved in the show] and they were really excellent players,” the 72-year-old stated earlier this year on the Jonathan Ross program.

“But once you stop playing, it’s hard,” he continued.

At the time of darts player, his weight was just 12 stone. But it increased day by day for his unhealthy diet, meal plan, and eating junk food.

He worked as a commentator after retiring as a Darts player. That time he shot up to 16 stone. But he is a person who had determination for his weight loss.

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After 2009 he didn’t follow a proper diet plan and exercise.

A comment by him published in The Guardian, ” I’m quite unfit. It’s the motivation that’s the problem, I need a goal. When I was a professional footballer I trained every day because I had to.”

His life was changed when he participated Men’s health six-pack challenge.

He shows unbelievable results. He loses weight within 4 to 5 weeks.

John Part joined many online weight loss training programs like BioFit and follow diet plans. Every day he had a scheduled plan.

On a final note:

What you learned from John’s Part weight loss Journey. So simple, Never its too late. If you want to lose weight you have to challenge yourself. Follow the daily routine, Diet plan, Avoid junk foods.

You definitely reach your goal soon. Thanks for reading this article about John Part weight loss.

If you find the article helpful please share it with others. Follow for more weight loss-related journeys & tips.

See you again 🙂

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