How to Lose 2 kgs in a week in 2022 – (100% Effective)

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Is it really easy to Lose 2 kgs in a week? Today, I am going to discuss this topic.

If you are a beginner in your weight loss journey, you are at the right place. Losing weight is more a mental game. Want to lose weight but are stuck and cannot go to the gym?

Well, it is said that the weight loss journey is 70 percent as effective as your diet and 30 Percent as your exercise. If you want to lose around 2kgs of weight, it is equivalent to burning around 14000 calories.

It is possible by eating calorie deficit. You can burn 2500 daily by normal body processes like breathing and intake around 2000 calories and burn 500 calories by working out or cardio.

So, don’t worry if you’re not able to hit the gym we have a few excellent options and easy-to-follow steps. You can also lose 2 kg in a week without exercise.

The only formula for weight loss is calorie deficit. No fad dieting can give you sustainable results. Sustainable results are equally essential to provide you with motivation and good results.

Fad diets can give you quick results, but you gain back that weight quickly. Losing weight is nothing but being mindful of eating and making some lifestyle changes.

You can have your favorite food and still lose weight. Many fad diets like the Ketogenic diet, low carb, GM diet, etc., are available, but in the long run, they are not sustainable.

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How to lose 2 kgs in a week without exercise

You end up gaining more than you lose because following these fad diets becomes exhausting and tedious. A few fundamental changes that one can bring into their lifestyle are 

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Sleep: make sure you sleep like a baby and complete 8-9 hours of sleep daily.

Physical activity: Make sure you walk 8k – 10k steps daily. The movement has to be a part of your life here on. 

Mindfulness: While eating outside, choose a healthier option that is fewer calories or always prefer protein.

Consistency: there are going to be days where you will not be motivated enough to eat healthily.

You’ll be pulled towards eating junk, and that is fine, but coming back on track for another meal requires dedication, discipline, and consistency.

Dinner timing: Make sure you eat 2hours to 3hours before your eating habits.

Drinking water: Another lifestyle change required is water. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is crucial and helps reduce weight very quickly.

It keeps to hydrated and boosts energy. Drinking 3liters to 4 liters of water daily shall be the routine.

Lose 2 kgs in a week diet

Always remember, when you are doing a Fad diet, you’ll lose water weight very quickly at first. All the loss that you observe is water weight and not fat loss.

During the weight loss journey, the focus shall be purely on fat loss and building muscle, not on the number that shows on the weighing pan.

There is no need to check the weight daily. It will only give more anxiety. Focus on building muscle. Building muscle is important because it can burn more calories.

Exhausting more calories than intake are the only solution to sustainable weight loss. People choose many ways.

How to lose 2 kg in 7 days with exercise

You have to do regular exercise to lose 2 kg in a week.

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Healthy protein options for vegetarians are oats, moong daal, and moong, Gram flour, etc. You can add a protein powder supplement also.

The first meal of the day shall be either nuts and fruits or fresh fruit or vegetable juice. Have a protein-rich diet. Breakfast shall include protein.

If any non-vegetarians, a healthy breakfast option is an egg in its various forms. But it is advisable to have a liquid meal in the morning. Protein Shake is the best substitute for the protein requirement in the morning.

The next meal planned, i.e., a mid-morning snack can include green tea and fruit. For lunch, make sure you include as many vegetables as you can add. Also, add curd/buttermilk for better results.

Your evening snacks are most important because having fulfilling snacks in the evening prevents you from overeating at night. It keeps a check on your portion control.

Evening snacks can include a handful of nuts, makhana (fox nuts), and sprouts, along with Green Tea. For dinner, you can choose amongst various options for protein.

Vegetarians can have lintels and dishes made from lintels. In non-vegetarian options, you can choose between a variety of food items, from chicken to seafood. Seafood, the main fish, is a protein-rich option. 

While losing weight, make sure portion control is accurate. Instead of eliminating carbs, make sure you include complex carbs.

Also, the advice here would be that you can intake carbs in the first half of the day until 2 pm. Complex carbs include rice, oats, and fruits and vegetables also.

And the trick here is you can have carbs immediately after the workout so that the energy is ultimately used. 

Lose 2 kgs in a week by intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting includes fasting for 16hours to 18hours. All you can consume is water, green Tea, and fluids with almost zero calories during this window.

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Avoid tea or coffee during this fasting window. After fasting for 16 hours or more, you have an 8-hour window to consume food.

Within that 8 hour window, you should take care that you are eating a calorie deficit and following all the basic principles of portion control. 

Loose 2 kg weight in a week by drinking green Tea: 

Green Tea not only enhances the metabolism it also helps get rid of toxins and other unwanted nutrients. It helps in detoxing the body, thus enhancing the metabolism. 

In the end, being consistent and not losing hope in yourself is the only way to lose weight, boost self-confidence, and improve self-image. Be mindful of the food you eat, be calorie-conscious, and keep yourself motivated.

Give yourself a rest day. If you cheat, make sure you continue with your diet from the next meal onwards. Have a cheat meal without any guilt. 

On a final note:

The best way to lose 2 kgs in a week is by eating less and exercising more. But you can also try some other tips such as drinking water, staying away from processed foods, looking out for sugar intake and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Thanks for reading this blog post on How to Lose weight fast. If you liked it, please share it with your friends and family.

Do leave a comment below if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to help.

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