Eric Burris Weight Loss Transformation: (Diet & Surgery)

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Eric Burris Weight Loss journey. Diet & surgery details. Eric Burris is an actor and comedian that recently underwent gastric bypass surgery in order to lose weight.

Before his surgery, he struggled with his weight and health issues, so he decided to make a change before it was too late.

The following details Eric’s journey before and after his weight loss surgery, including his struggles, his motivations, and his insights on how others can achieve their own weight loss goals.

He shed over 70 pounds after gastric bypass surgery!

Eric Burris has always been fascinated by the weather. Eric has always wanted to be a weatherman, and he has achieved his goal owing to a life dedicated to his passion.

Despite this, many people criticized his appearance, claiming he couldn’t work on television.

Eric Burris’ weight loss in 2021 demonstrates that he now Prioritizes his health over anything else.

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Who is WESH Channel 2 Broadcaster Eric Burris Wife?

We here at WESH 2’s First Alert Meteorologist’s Team would like to extend our congratulations to First Alert’s meteorologist Eric Burris and his wife Jeannie, the newest members of our family, their newborn baby boy, Alexander Miguel Burris.

Initially, he gained a significant following on social media, where he broadcasts weather updates and continues to work for WESH.

Yet when he returned to the show recently, the weather reporting legend seemed to have changed significantly.

The internet was abuzz in 2021 over Eric Burris’ weight loss, and for good reason: the enormous man was replaced by someone who was almost two thirds his size.

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Here, we will talk about Eric’s weight loss journey from the beginning.

Who is Eric Burris?

In high school, Florida-born and -raised meteorologist Eric Burris began his meteorology career at an Orlando TV station.

He began making weather predictions for his region while still a student.

Seminole County Public Schools developed an internship program that allows Eric to earn credit for his interest in meteorology.

Following graduation, Eric began some work behind-the-scenes and covered hurricanes.

This work helped him prepare for working in front of the camera. Eric began working for WPBF-TV in 2006, when he was still in his early career.

Eric has a deep love for Weather and it is the only thing that he ever wanted to do.

He is so interested in this field that when he is not on air he works behind the scene helping Hearst Television’s 26 other weather departments in making the easy-to-understand graphics to present to the country.

Eric Burris Weight Loss Journey

A significant transformation in Eric Burris’ body and weight loss has occurred over the past few years. The majority of his life, Eric Burris weighed about 300 pounds.

His obesity made even simple daily tasks like showering, playing, etc. difficult for him.

When describing his 100-pound weight loss journey on WESH, he said that he could see that life was not going well.

A lot of people were curious about Eric Burris’ weight loss and health transformation after they saw his weight loss transformation.

In the end, Eric Burris was able to discuss his weight loss journey on WESH 2 News’ Sunrise.

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Eric Burris Weight Loss Surgery

At his heaviest, Eric weighed more than 300 pounds.

After he decided to exercise and diet, he learned that simple eating and exercise weren’t effective for him.

Diet and exercise alone are not enough for Eric to lose weight. After deciding he couldn’t lose weight, he decided to see a doctor about weight loss.

It was Eric’s doctor who warned him that if he did not figure out how to deal with this medical condition, he would get diabetes very rapidly.

He was having trouble manufacturing insulin. Dr. Burris told Eric Burris that without treatment, weight loss would not be possible.

Eric Burris Weight Loss Diet Updated

A gastric bypass procedure typically consists of the creation of a tiny pouch out of the stomach that is linked directly to the patient’s small intestines.

This then means that any food that a patient eats is then sent to the new stomach pouch instead of the regular stomach, and will eventually get to the small intestines.

Eric Burris consumed smaller meals more frequently as a result of the new miniature stomach pouches that allow one to regulate their food intake.

Plus, eating protein is a necessary step for weight loss.

Eric prioritizes his protein intake because of this. If you’re trying to lose weight, this is the best way to do it.

Eric Burris After Before Photos Latest

The comparison of Eric Burris’ before and after weight loss photos shows a stunning transformation.

Below are a few pictures showing his remarkable weight loss journey.

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Now What? Tips For Staying Motivated

After losing weight and being in good health, Eric Burris stressed in the interview that those who are thinking of losing weight should realize that it’s not cheating.

A candidate’s journey will not be easy. It is not simple.

His kids ask him to take part in all the activities they want him to participate in now that he feels much better and has more energy than before.

He also said that having a healthy lifestyle has extended his life by years. He has a smartwatch now that displays a healthy heart rate.

On A Final Note:

Eric Burris has always been a bit overweight, but after years of yo-yo dieting and failed attempts at weight loss, he was finally able to lose 100 pounds and keep it off for good.

His weight loss journey began with gastric sleeve surgery, which helped him lose a significant amount of weight quickly.

Thanks to the weight loss surgery, Eric’s outlook on life has improved dramatically.

He can now live an active lifestyle without worrying about his health or being embarrassed about his appearance in public.

He says losing all that weight took away a lot of my anxiety and recommends bariatric surgery as an option for anyone struggling with obesity who is ready to take the plunge into their new healthy lifestyle!

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