Does crying make you lose weight? Detailed Analysis(2022)

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The question of does crying make you lose weight is a common one. After all, we shed tears as the body releases chemicals to help with stress and pain.

Tears streaming down your face, you reach for a tissue. You blow your nose, and toss the tissue in the trash can.

As you walk back to your desk, you notice that you’re not the only one crying. Your colleague’s eyes are red and puffy too.

You give each other a weak smile, and go back to work. Crying: it feels good for a little while, but does it actually do anything?

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Does shedding tears make you lose weight?

It seems like an odd question, but there may be some truth to it. Keep reading to find out more!

The latest news about how people can actually lose fat by shedding tears and venting out their bottled up emotions is fake!

A report from AsiaOne was recently published, which claimed that you would be able to shed weight if they were released through crying or vented in any other way.

Why We Cry- The Ultimate Science

The release of cortisol hormones when you cry, makes your body use fat cells for energy.

The more often we cry and the longer our crying lasts will cause a chemical imbalance that causes weight gain over time.

It’ll be harder to burn off these extra calories from stored fats in adipose tissue.

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Crying Can Make You Lose Weight: What you can do?

It’s no secret that tears have healing properties. However, some people find it difficult to cry for any reason. These are the ones who will miss out on all those benefits!

The tears you cry when your heart is broken will help to burn fat, but only if they are real.

The study found this out by having participants watch sad movies and measuring their levels over time. With those who were crying genuine results had greater increases in hydration than fake ones did!

Different Types of Tears

Basal, reflex and psychic tears all have a purpose.

Basal tear are there to moisturize the eye while we sleep; they also protect it from drying out at night by providing essential oils with evaporating humidity during our rest cycle.

Reflexes occur when smoke or pollution enters your body involuntarily. Such as through an allergic reaction where you start sneezing uncontrollably leaving red eyes in their place.

Psychic tears are the ones that are most often associated with crying. It is for true feelings and human emotions.

​Calories burned during crying: Is it true?

When we emotionally drained and physically exhausted , our hearts work overtime to supply us with more oxygen.

So, that energy levels never suffer too greatly even though there may not be enough in stores at any given time for this purpose alone!

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When resting without stress or strain – which is something most of us strive each day as much possible. One’s cardiac muscles burn around 8-10 calories per hour (depending on your age).

When stressed out from emotional turmoil such frustration over an unfulfilled expectation; being embarrassed by lackluster performance etc., those same muscle groups will use up 18-20 calories/hr.

In either case, the heart does its job and gets more exercise than it does on a regular day!

Crying releases endorphins that make you feel good and burn calories. AsiaOne reported that 7 to 10 pm is the best time for releasing negative emotions.

Because it has a high cortisol level which increases during these hours. The elevated heart rate can boost how many calories your cardiac muscles work out!

Tearful shedding has a cleansing effect on the body, helping to remove toxic substances that could build up during stressful periods.

Biochemist William Frey found this out when he studied tear fluid and its relation in removing various toxins from our bodies; one such substance being lachrymatory gas (or tears).

His research suggests we cry as an excretory process because it helps break down these leftover waste materials.

So, they can be removed through urination or excessive salivation/sweating caused by stress-induced hyperventilation syndrome.

So there you have it! Crying does make you lose weight, but only if it’s genuine and done in a healthy way.

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Otherwise, the cortisol hormone will cause your body to store fat instead of burning it off. Make sure to cry with someone you trust so that you can get all the benefits from this natural process!

You can find more of these questions in the QNA section.

On a final note:

The next time you’re feeling stressed out about work or at home, take some time for yourself and let it all out – we promise it’ll be worth it!

If you’ve been holding back tears for a long time, it might be better to let them out.

Crying releases chemicals that help reduce stress and anxiety by lowering your blood pressure and heart rate. Plus, crying can make you lose weight!

A study found that people who cried in the lab weighed an average of three pounds less than those who didn’t cry or weren’t given any opportunity to do so.

So when life gets tough, try taking a few minutes for yourself to relax with some tissues nearby rather than stuffing everything inside like we often want to do.

That way your body can release all its pent up emotions without worrying about what other people think (or saying).

What’s one thing that always makes you cry?

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