David Dickinson weight loss, Health, illness (today) 2023

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Today, I will discuss another celebrity David Dickinson weight loss and health situation in 2023. You are here means you want to know about David Dickinson. So, this article is for you.

David is a BBC Antique Presenter. Following David Dickinson’s regular television appearances on UK TV, fans noticed both physical and aesthetic changes in the expert’s appearance.

Dickinson’s Real Deal is airing on ITV Hub with the 80-year-old antique expert showcasing his auctioneer talent.

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Who is David Dickinson? David Dickinson weight loss

David Dickinson is a popular person and also a well-known television presenter. He is also an  is an English antique dealer.

Dickinson began his media career in 2000 when he became the host of the BBC One antiques show Bargain Hunt, replacing Tim Wonnacott.

In 2004, he left the show after four series to host his own ITV daytime show Dickinson’s Real Deal.

Dickinson has had a long association with the BBC, hosting a number of programs including Antiques Roadshow and Bargain Hunt.

Has David Dickinson Been Ill? 

One of David Dickinson’s most recent ideas is to stop limiting the number of television appearances so he can be seen on more screens.

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Fans have said that he looks a little unhealthy because of this, but it benefits David in other ways.

The presenter has not shared health updates via his social channels, but luckily that doesn’t mean he’s unwell!

Just recently, the web portals are starting to cover this topic and show a lot of support.

How Did David Dickinson Lose So Much Weight?

David Dickinson weight loss is trending now. David Dickinson lost weight and people wanted to know why.

He says that his weight loss was because of a change in diet and exercise.

In fact, they’re eager to know the reason behind his weight loss and how he lost so much.

David Dickinson had a significant weight loss. His health is a concern, albeit unlikely.

He wasn’t sick and he doesn’t look pale. It’s important to consider your age before making a judgment.

80 years, weight loss is normal. Not considered uncommon.

After the age of 40, people are more susceptible to diseases.

Despite his age, however, David appears to be in excellent health. But he has reduced his screen time.

Sun outside, which could become expensive in the future.

David Dickinson Wife

David Dickinson married Lorne Lesley in old-fashioned style in 1968.

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Both have been happily married and together for 53 years! Lorne used to perform as a cabaret singer a few decades ago.

From the virtual world, we learned that David’s wife is 83 years old at present. The actress’s full date of birth is noted as October 30, 1938.

That is, the couple shares a three-year age gap and we can see that Lorne is three years older than her celebrity husband.

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  1. Whatever the cause for The Duke’s loss of weight – I wish him well; in fact very well. He is a wonderful and trustworthy guy. Thanks to him for many Really Real Deals and fairness.

  2. a great TV personality, stands up for the sellers to get them the best price whilst appreciating that the buyer needs to make a profit. please carry on with the programmes you currently do !
    I used to enjoy the programme where a team of buyers went into peoples homes – but fully understand it was not viable during Covid.


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